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Balance your study and social life. Studying and living overseas generally happens only once in a life time. Learn how to achieve your academic goals and enjoy your experience in Melbourne at the same time.

40+ Years of History

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Developing Independent Living Skills

Manage your time effectively. Plan ahead what you have to do and what you want to do in a week or a month.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Discuss your concerns within your peer support network. Keep records of your expenses to manage your budget. Think about your future. Work out what you want to achieve (both professionally and personally), and how you are going to achieve this. Consider developing additional skills that you do not have or want to further develop (i.e. joining a cooking class, a time management workshop etc.). Be familiar with as many support services and facilities as possible. Come and talk to us, you do not need to come with a problem. We are happy to simply listen to your experience or share our experience with you.

Social Life

Many international events are held in Melbourne including comedy festivals, Antipodes (Greek) Festival, Indian Festivals, Chinese Festivals the Australian Tennis Open, World Series Cricket, Melbourne Fashion Festival, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.


Melbourne has a temperate oceanic climate bordering on a humid subtropical climate with warm to hot summers and mild winters. Melbourne is well known for its changeable weather conditions, mainly due to it being located on the boundary of hot inland areas and the cool southern ocean.

Art and Culture

Melbourne’s hub of historic theatres hosting world-class stage and musical productions. Head to the Southbank precinct – where the The Arts Centre, MTC, Malthouse, Recital Centre and the National Gallery of Victoria form Melbourne’s beating cultural heart.

Our Goal

Provide accessible training for all students, allow learners to choose their learning pathway and method of assessment to prove competence, make training enjoyable and to ensure we encourage a continued search for knowledge and learning.

Premises and Infrastructure

Institute of Management and Trade main campus is located at Suite 29, 4 Cardinia Rd, Officer VIC 3809, Australia. The premises is a 9B compliant premises which meets the regulatory standards. The college has established comprehensive amenities for both students and staff.